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We provide professional race timing services to race organisers and race directors around the world. Races we have timed includes 10Ks, Marathons, UCI-sanctioned cycling races to triathlons. Our live results provide immediate feedback to the race organizer, race participants and their supporters, providing a richer race experience for all.

Our History

Runners ourselves, we got tired of inaccurate timing and race distance provided in the races we took part. We thought this could be better, and started by timing foot races in Singapore. Soon enough, we started timing triathlons and road cycling races in South East Asia. One year later we timed the Standard Chartered Marathon in three different countries, Nike Marathon in Shanghai and Guangzhou, among others.

Our Vision

We want to help race organizers extract maximum value from their races by using the latest technology. Value can be seen as promoting race sponsors’ branding, or maximizing the use of a run route to carve out additional race categories.

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